Are You A Social Media Newbie?

social media

Social media allows people to interact with one another. It is an empowering source, which has become a huge part of every day life. Many businesses use social media as it allows you to engage with a wide, and if used well, global audience.

But there are still people who simply do not understand these youthful communication platforms; and for those people, here are the basics:

Instagram: This is a social networking site where people share images. To secure your audiences attention you will need to post high quality & creative photographs on your page. This will allow your audience to engage with your work and will attract more followers.

Also, hash tagging is a must! Placing these in your post’s text will allow others to find your photos much more easily.

Facebook: By far the biggest social networking site thanks to its 1.35 billion users. Simply make a page and attract as many ‘likes’ as possible, the more the merrier as every one of these ‘likes’ are people who are wanting to know about you and your business.

Make sure your posts are suitable for your target audience and use media wherever possible (images, videos), as this will help sustain your audience’s attention.

Twitter: This enables you to not only engage with your followers, but also allows you to engage with its entire user database at the click of a button.

Join in with worldwide discussions, keep up with the latest trends, and much like Instagram, always hashtag. Follow similar users and ‘retweet’ content that is related to your business, as this will help your audience to understand what you are, and what you are trying to promote.

The key thing to remember when entering the realm of social media is not to promote or sell, or at least not to appear to be. The odd reminder of what you offer will do no harm, however, you will gain more of an audience if they feel they are benefiting from you. Post tips and advice, whimsical comments or even the odd gif; just stay clear of the hard sell.