It’s All About the Audience


There’s a wide array of methods in which to distribute your videos out to the world. But how can you make sure your video is reaching the right people?

The world has no shortage of audience demographics, and these include everything from train collectors to teens, and each one works in a different way.

When targeting your chosen demographic it’s important to remember that, as there are more than one way to distribute your video, some will be more efficient than others.

Think about your demographics’ likes, wants, and needs. By strategically designing the output of your video you’ll be able to maximise the potential to reach them, or even better, have them reach you.

When working on your videos’ SEO make sure to specifically relate any tags to the videos subject. Also, when creating titles, thumbnails and descriptions, always bear in mind what your audience might find most attractive.

For example, a video aimed at entertaining children would ideally have a fun looking title with a brightly coloured thumbnail; and a video for the web savvy teen might have more prospects if shared on a more broad range of social media including Vine and Snapchat.

Where you put your video is also important. YouTube is a great place to distribute your videos, but other sites may be more useful for zoning in on your demographic.

Sites such as LinkedIn would be an ideal site to share any portfolios or show reels and others including Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing your videos with people who are already interested in what you do.