Comic Con comes to Barnsley!

Last Saturday, the already vibrant and exciting Barnsley Metrodome was the backdrop for a new event, bringing the geeky fun of the worldwide phenomenon that is Comic Con to Barnsley!


‘GEEKS’ Comic Con took place in the sports hall at the Metrodome from 9 til 5 on September 10th, our Geek-in-Chief Jacob attended the event, complete with Star Wars attire and lightsaber!

The convention had all the features that one would expect from a good comic con, a range of stalls selling everything from Game of Thrones figures and replica weapon props, to retro video games and Pokemon plush toys.

The cosplayers came out en-mass, some of the costumes had months of work put in and there was a competition to decide the best one.

Photo opportunities were available with a replica Star Wars props, the local ‘Super Heroes’ entertainment group, police officer extras from TV and film and Doctor Who’s infamous Daleks, who were taking a break from conquering the universe and raising money for charity!


Special guests included Hattie Hayridge (Holly from Red Dwarf), Jacqueline Pearce (Servalan from Blake’s 7) and the sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker!

It was a fun packed day for all involved and we can’t wait for Comic Con to come back to Barnsley next year.