Our team offer digital media training and alternative provision. These include qualifications and pastoral support for challenging young people. We offer workshops in schools, colleges and universities. Year long qualifications are offered on our site in the Digital Media Centre due to its brilliant facilities. As a result learners can arrive via either the bus or train station and almost have flexibility in their course.

Furthermore as a production company we pride ourselves on supporting the local community in building skills because our community is important. These include delivery of projects, workshops and qualifications in digital media production. Learners can range from 5 years to 100 years old, with no prior knowledge. Most of all it is an opportunity often for a fresh subject in an informal environment rather than continuing to struggle.

Visualised it classroom, bright safe and equipped


Most of all these sessions aim to make learning fun. Hence it often helps to place challenging young people outside of the traditional environment. We have a huge culture of Facebook using, Youtube loving young people. Link this with learning and accredited qualifications and you have the Visualised It Video School.

All learners use laptops, tablets and receive an introduction pack with pads, folders, pen and USB stick


All planning, resources, delivery and assessment is carried out by qualified staff. They are experienced in working with young people and in the media industry which is especially relevant. Accreditation is available through Edexcel for the our courses, therefore we work with the External Moderators. Finally everyone that completes a course or workshop will receive a completion certificate in addition to a DVD showreel.

What schools have said about us

VisualisedIt had the pleasure of delivering a Work Experience project for Wath Comprehensive School in which students worked as a large team to create videos centred around social networking over a 2 week period. They researched the positive and negative effects of social networking, created scripts, storyboards and interviewed students and staff. All the students used professional equipment including the greenscreen to film their videos and later edit them adding in backgrounds, graphics, music and title screens. Once complete a screening was held to show the teachers their videos and receive certificates and a copy of the video on DVD.

Thank you for this year.  It’s been a pleasure to work with you, and we are really looking forward to the link continuing next year.

Testimonial supplied by
Wath Comprehensive School

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