DIY Video


Video recording enables you to capture life’s greatest moments. It can save memories, capture live events, provoke discussion, show creativity, and more modernly, even be use to market your business.

Video has an endless amount of uses and if you don’t have the budget for a professionally made product, you may want to attempt to do it yourself. But no matter the type of video, this isn’t advised as it often takes years of training and a whole team to create a professional looking product.

However, here are a few pointers for those of you who feel you are confident enough to give it a go:

  1. Make sure your video is creative; no one wants to be bored to death! Plan and create useful ideas beforehand so that it stands out. Be imaginative and make your video one to remember.
  1. Don’t make your video drag. Let it have the chance to emphasize the memorable parts. This means only containing the key information, so that there is a bigger impact. If your video is short, it will also be easier to capture the viewer’s attention.
  1. Do your research! Look up the necessary equipment you need. The basics include a tripod, microphone, sound recorder, boom pole and of course: a camera!
  1. A good quality video will show off your professionalism and enhance your audience’s ability to engage with it. Place extra care and attention into the recording of visual and audio as these are the most important aspects and it is cheaper to get them right the first time around. Don’t forget to collect B-roll! This is extra footage you record on location just in case you need it during the editing process.
  1. Try and create an impact on your video. Use a wide range of camera angles such as: tilt, mid shot and extreme close up. Also use a different variety of camera movement: panning, zooming and stationary. This will make your video more enjoyable to watch. You can also create text and graphics in post-production, making your video even more eye-catching.