Getting Your Business on TV, What Kind of Advert is Best for You?


Here at Visualised it we’ve produced a lot of adverts for a range of clients; restaurants, garages, gyms, hotels and colleges just to name a few. If you’ve ever glimpsed TV you’ll see adverts take on many forms; they can feature people talking to camera, lovely shots of sofas, fast cuts of food and even talking meerkats! So what kind of advert would best suit your business? Here’s a couple of options:

  • The Montage:

These generally consist of a series of shots of either a location or product, these can feature customers browsing or using the product etc. These are usually accompanied by a voiceover, which can be done by either a member of staff or a professional voiceover artist. These are the best type to show off your products or promote your services.

Examples: Wrea Head Hall – TV Commercial / Keighley & Worth Valley Railway – TV Commercial / Ashoka Indian Restaurant – TV Commercial / University Campus Barnsley – TV Commercial


  • Meet the team:

Some businesses want to promote themselves as customer friendly and personable. If you’re trying to sell your team as much as the product, why not have them in the advert? This can also extend to customer testimonials as proof that people use the product or service.

Examples: Tareen & Tareen – TV Commercial / Sofa Cash & Carry – TV Commercial / Polar Bear Windows – TV Commercial


  • Proudly Present:

Presenters can add a professional feel to an advert, as well as a vibrancy and energy and can turn heads if it’s a celebrity, presenters usually include a cost (particularly if they’re famous) but they can add another dimension to the production.

Examples: Carpets Direct – TV Commercial / Troy Autopoint – TV Commercial / Brooklands Motor Centres – TV Commercial


  • Setting the Scene:

Everything flows better with a narrative, if you’re selling a service or product this can be used to show someone with a problem and how your product or service can solve that problem.

Examples: Pimlico Plumbers (featuring Tommy Walsh) – TV Commercial / The Waste Team – TV Commercial / EpicareUK – TV Commercial / BYAS Bionic Youth Activating System – TV Commercial


  • Animation:

This is a great tool to use, it can transport you to other worlds and have action or set pieces that would cost a fortune to film, these vary depending on budget and requirements.

Examples: Capital Cabs – Animated TV Commercial / Collingwood Learners Insurance – Animated TV Commercial / Hairtrade – Animated TV Commercial / Pearns Pharmacy – Animated TV Commercial


  • Slideshow:

If you’ve not got a budget to include filming this may be the option for you. Many cameras can give you high definition photos which can be edited into something that can still convey your message.

Examples: Harrow College – TV Commercial / Kingswood Doors – TV Commercial / Stokesley Show – TV Commercial