How to Ruin Your Promotional Video

At Visualised it, we’ve made a lot of promotional videos for a range of clients, we know how to make them look stunning, attention-grabbing and get people talking.

But maybe that’s not what you’re looking for, perhaps you’re looking for a video that will look below average, make people fall asleep and alienate your target audience. If this is you, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled this list of how to ruin your company’s promotional video:

Copy someone else:

While successful videos take inspiration from other sources such as TV adverts and big campaigns, why stop there? Completely copy another style, don’t think why it worked or what the audience was, or try to come up with something that suits your business and target audience, if it worked for them it’s got to work for you! Right?

Cram it all in one:

Your business needs more than one video, a promotion and something for your staff, both very different audiences with different needs and expectations, but you don’t have time to make more than one video! Solution: put everything into one video, okay it may be a bit of a disjointed mess that no one will understand, but you’ve saved time and a lot of work!

Film (and edit) it yourself:

Even though there are a lot of video companies who specialise in corporate promotional videos (like one in Barnsley that starts with a V), you know better than them! Your company might have an iPad, so use it to film your promotional video, with shaky arms, inaudible sound, no professional lighting and a threadbare script. Once you’ve filmed it all, don’t bother getting a professional editor; you can do it on the work laptop with Windows Movie Maker!

Don’t share it:

Once the video is finished what do you do with it? Everyone else uploads it to YouTube, shares it on Facebook and embeds it in their website, but why would anyone want to see it? Keep it on your computer and only show it to people who come to visit, maybe email it round to your staff, and friends and family, only people who already know about it?

And there you have it, just follow those simple steps and you’ll have an amateur looking promotional video that nobody will ever see (which may be for the best).



Whilst we don’t advise you try and make a full promotional video without calling in the professionals, you can still make small demonstration videos and video blogs for your business yourself.

For help with these, why not attend Visualised it’s next ‘Power of Video’ workshop on the 8th March at the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley. Here we will give you some DIY tips on making your own videos. Contact to book your place.