Is Video For You?


Video can bring creative solutions to a businesses marketing needs and can help raise the profile of the user, however, it’s not for everyone.

Here’s a few reasons why you might not want to incorporate video into your marketing campaigns and strategies.

If you don’t want to bring your business into the digital age then we strongly advise you to keep well away, as using videos as a way to represent your business online will make you seem more “current” and modern. If you’re not scared of falling behind the times then save your budget for more important things such as typewriters, quills, and that new thing everyone’s talking about called the dial-up.

Implementing the use of online videos in any of your marketing strategies will allow potential customers to be able to see, in greater detail, what you’re offering. Who would want that? If you don’t want to offer potential customers the ability to trust your brand any more than they may currently do then using video is a strict no no.

Client retention, also, might not be for everyone. If this is the case with you then stay clear from using any videos within your business. By producing videos for your clients to see you risk keeping them updated with what your business is doing, making the relationship more transparent, and therefore able to show off anything new your business may be offering, all of which might make your current clients feel more motivated to stay.

Overall, definitely don’t use video if you do not want to bring in more clients and customers. Video marketing will raise interest in your company, reach a broader audience and strengthen your SEO, which is all well and good for those ‘I want to be successful’ types, but not the way forward for some.