New Year’s Resolutions – 2016


With 2015 feeling like a lifetime ago, it’s time to look forward and embrace the new year of 2016 (or 2K16 if you’re trying to sound ‘cool’).

Another ‘cool’ thing to do around this time of year is to make those all important New Years Resolutions: Although they’re often laughed at and ridiculed for having little-staying power, we feel it is important to set goals for the year ahead as we all continue to grow as a business and expand our horizons.

Whilst some of you may have made resolutions to join gyms, eat less junk food, or finish that novel you’ve been sitting on since 2010, we at Visualised It have made our own targets for the year ahead:

Our creative director has made it his business to make connections and find more lovely people to make beautiful videos for, and to have a fun creative process in doing so.

Our recently acquired admin assistant is aiming to show their best side, and gain a full time position with the company.

A camera operator we frequently work with is looking to add as much creativity into their work as possible, and boost production values with some shiny new camera gear!

Visualised it’s editors are keen to learn more about the field of editing, expand their portfolios and build on the foundations established last year to make our videos look even better.

Finally, our producer plans to take at least 10 minutes silence break per day, to be mindful of the present.

Those are our New Years Resolutions, what are yours?