NHS career film crash lands in schools across Yorkshire

Visualised it are proud to be working in partnership with NHS Trusts across Yorkshire and Bassetlaw to produce a series of careers films that will support secondary school pupils. 

We were approached by NHS South Yorkshire as they had seen our City Fibre careers video and wanted to create an innovative video that would help young people better understand the various roles available within the NHS and Social Care. We work closely with young people and communicate well with the most hard to reach. 

We created a plan for Jay’s story that would follow a patient pathway. We wanted a dramatic start to engage the teenage audience, due to the sensitive nature of a crash scene we chose to use 2d animation to show Jay’s accident, which could have been life threatening. The suite of more than 10 videos use real Health and Social Care staff members, making the simulation as close to real-life as possible. All was filmed in real settings including GP surgeries, emergency departments, operating theatres and wards. 

Funded by Health Education England the first film follows the story of Jay Perez an 18-year-old who has been in a road traffic accident. We see Jay use emergency care, surgical teams, and recover both in hospital and at home. Alongside this we carefully planned interviews with a wide range of NHS and Social Care staff asking questions that would be inclusive to all learners. These interviews focus on the personality attributes people need to start work in the NHS, the opportunities for progression and less around the masses of qualifications.

The videos will be available across secondary schools in South Yorkshire this week and will be accompanied with a collection of lesson resources, has been piloted in Barnsley and has already received great feedback. One pupil said: “the video was entertaining; I want another one to be made!”.

The national launch sees Jay’s story crash land in schools across the UK in late February and we are already putting the finishing touches to the second video in the series. This one focuses on careers in Learning Disability Nursing. 

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