Corporate Video Production, TV Advertising and Animation

Give your organisation the edge over your competitors, demonstrate your products and let your customer testimonials tell others how great your products and services really are. Videos help you keep a regular presence on social media and are great for your Google search rankings. Organisations are working with us to create comprehensive video marketing campaigns: short and snappy videos lasting a minute that either highlight a product, pose a solution to a problem or simply keep the brand in the customers mind. 100 Million Internet users watch online video every day and  Youtube is the second largest search engine. This means videos help increase your website’s SEO, and good SEO means you place higher in Google search engine results.

Using Youtube to embed videos means you can keep track of the number of viewers -a great way to evaluate the impact of your investment. We have distribution options including broadcasting on Sky, Made TV and London Live- your video could be watched on national television, helping your brand to reach a wider audience

Event Videos

Our discreet and experienced film crews will put your guests at ease, and with options for multiple camera operators you can be sure we won’t miss those unique moments that make your events special. Video is a great way to capture the atmosphere, offering the experience to a wider audience and showcasing your facilities. We will interview your guests, getting those all-important testimonials to help promote your products and services.