Media Buying

Visualised it produce content for television for a large range of clients over a variety of channels including SKY, ITV, Channel 4, ESPN, and local channels.

We can help companies select the best channel for their television advertisement, we have years of experience in targeted television marketing, ensuring that the advertisement is shown only on the television screens of the appropriate target audience. For example, we can ensure a television advert for dog food only lands on the screens of dog owners. We look after all clearance, making sure that the television advert abides by the Advertising Codes, Broadcasting Codes and Advertising Standards. We will clear all scripts along with the final videos and deliver the final video to the channel. Channels offer reports to tell us how the commercials are doing, the report can tell us how many people are seeing it and when it’s being watched,  with this information we can help them try and develop the campaign to make sure it’s as effective as possible.

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