South Yorkshire’s Summer of Sports is Here. Show Us What You’ve Got!


With the World Cup kicking off, Wimbledon in full swing and Tour de France soon to be riding through South Yorkshire, this summer is certainly packed full of sports.

And with our summer being filled with sports, so are our TV sets. Sports programmes are unavoidable, and though they may conflict with our regular viewing schedule, we all seem to love watching a bit of friendly competition and country unity. But whether Britain will be celebrating or commiserating this year, it’s the taking part that counts (yeah right) and we will all be there to watch and enjoy it from our screens.

But enough about the big events. We know South Yorkshire has a lot of local sports to offer as well. At Visualised we have a large amount of experience in recording and editing sports events, so here are a few of our basic tips if you’re planning on filming a sporting event:

  1. Prepare for the terrain – if it is some form of water sports, for example, then a water-proof camera would be a good idea and allow you to get those perfect waterside and underwater shots.
  2. Be prepared for the ever-changing British weather; anoraks, umbrellas and camera covers may be instrumental in getting the perfect footage.
  3. And finally, make sure you have a big enough memory to film the whole event. There’s nothing worse than running out of space for footage and missing the grand finale!

So if you are filming a sports event; whether it’s your child’s football game, a dirt bike rally or even synchronised swimming, make sure you follow these three basic tips to get the best video quality of the event.

However, if you’re interested in filming a sports event, but don’t have the right equipment or are wanting a professionally made video, then Visualisedit’s expertise in filming and editing sports events may be for you. But whatever your decision the time is now, and after our World Cup experience (*cough England), we could do with something decent to watch!