Tips for Filming in Winter


The days are getting shorter as 2016 enters its twilight, but that doesn’t mean you should stop making films! Although winter brings a lot of challenges when making a film, we’ve decided to put a few tips together to make your filming experience as comfortable and trouble-free as possible:

  • Take care of your gear. 

When the temperature drops, cameras and other equipment pick up some funny habits: Camera lenses can steam up, batteries drain faster and metal can become harsh on the skin. Make sure you bring a bag for your gear and keep it at working temperature, a camera cover to protect from rain, and even better insulate your tripod.

  • Take care of yourself.

Just as your equipment can get damaged when exposed to the elements, so can we. Bring a warm coat and some working gloves to avoid hyperthermia, some rain protection (an umbrella) and take some food and a flask of tea/coffee/Bovril etc. to keep you working internally.

  • Watch your white balance.

White balancing can completely change the feel to a shot; adding blue can make something feel harsh and cold, a red or amber hue can make a scene feel warmer and make even the coldest winter afternoon look like a warm summer evening, experiment a bit.

  • Watch the skies.

On the one hand; your natural light source will fade a lot quicker so you need to get your daylight shots quicker than if you were filming in June. On the other hand, winter sunsets and sunrises can look beautiful, and you can capture them without having to get up at 4 in the morning.