How to use Video Marketing in your Manufacturing Company

Video is one of the fastest growing marketing mediums, bringing companies to a new audience, and when used right can be extremely profitable. But let’s say your business is a manufacturing company, making products that perhaps don’t lend themselves to video? How can you jump on this medium and get the customers pouring in? Let’s see if we can help, here are a few ways to use video in your company:

  • That’s how it’s done

Everyone loves to see how things are made, and if your company has a production line or takes materials and builds products from them, then a video showing the process is one you can’t go without, seeing how something is made increases customer confidence in the quality of the product, and it’s a great way to show off your facilities.

  • How was it?

Do you have a dedicated customer base who love your goods or services? A good way to convey that to a wider audience is to film them giving testimonials, these are easy to film and prove you know how to please your audience.

  • Read all about it!

Have you got a new piece of equipment? Opening a new facility? Or launching a new initiative? A promotional or event video works great in addition to a traditional press release, more people will be tempted to click on something visual rather than read a wall of text.

  • Internally

Videos aren’t just to be shared with everyone, they can also be used for internal purposes: Training videos and company updates for your staff are a great way to engage with your workforce and are a lot more exciting than traditional emails and training manuals.