Using 360° Video

360° video is becoming increasingly accessible these days, with action cameras and mobile phone cameras now able to capture all-round video, it’s never been easier for companies and normal people to create immersive content.

With this in mind, are there any ways small companies can utilise this technology for online marketing purposes?

  • On Location: Are you preparing for an event or attending a conference? Using 360° video is a great way to make your audience feel like they’re at the event. This can also work if you’re filming a live broadcast for an immersive session.
  • The Grand Tour: Customers love to see inside a company’s facilities, and what better way to do a video tour than to make it 360°, it will make your audience feel like they’re actually there!
  • Question Time: Lots of companies do Q&A (Question & Answer) sessions, so why not make yours extra special by making yours a live 360° video Q&A session? This is a lot quicker and personal than customers posting comments on a Facebook post, and it means your audience will see the people answering their questions.
  • Get Ready for the Launch: If you’ve got a product ready to launch and are planning a big event, then you’re missing a huge opportunity for social media impressions if you don’t cover it, incorporating a 360° live video into your coverage will pull in the views, do keep in mind launch events don’t always go as planned, so be sure to have a contingency plan for the video should anything untoward happen.