Using Video in YOUR Business!

These days, you don’t need a funny cat or your mate falling off a roof to make a viral internet video. Organisations all over the world are using video to reach their audiences, whether you’re promoting your product or service, in search of recruiting new talent, or just out to entertain, video is the perfect internet tool. At Visualised it, we believe video is the ideal medium to help your business thrive, and stand out above your competition.

Planning a video for your company is not as laborious as you think, it really is much simpler than it sounds. The most important thing to remember, is to get your message out to your audience in a clear, straightforward AND engaging, contemporary way, whether you’re on a budget of £100, or £100,000. How do you use video in your company effectively? Well here are some tips from us to help you out.  


  • Attract new customers

Every business strives to reach brand new custom, and we know how important it is for you to make the perfect first impression when the client or customer first stumbles across your website. What better way to make the perfect first impression, than a short, dynamic and informative video? People say that a picture can paint a thousand words, but we think a video can say so much more! They say people judge a person within 7 seconds of meeting them, and the same theory applies here. We cannot stress how valuable and important those first few seconds are. New customers have little patience when it comes to first impressions.


  • Draw attention to a new product or service

Are you looking to market a new product? Or advertise a new service that you provide? Get that message on TV or your website in a video format! Don’t underestimate the power of social media! People are connected to social media every waking hour, there has never been an easier way to reach existing audiences and video is an appropriate medium for almost every social platform! Whether your audiences are in search of the next big thing, or aimlessly scrolling through their feeds, a striking and compelling video is going to draw attention to both your product, and your company.


  • Recruit new talent

Perhaps you are looking to recruit new talent to join your team. The type of video you produce very much depends on the type of candidate you are looking to employ. Why not encourage your potential candidates to submit a video application or resume. It’s the perfect way to get to know an applicant’s personality, as well as their employment, education history and technical ability.


  • Educate customers

Informative videos can be a huge hit! Perhaps you sell a product that comes with an instruction booklet, or you want to educate your customers on how to make the most out of the product they have purchased from you? Why not promote a video of one of your friendliest employees assembling your product, or explaining each feature of the product! This will give off an excellent impression of your company. You will appear approachable and trustworthy, and there is nothing more valuable than a customer’s trust.  


  • Let consumers tell their story

Perhaps you own a cafe or restaurant? Ask your customers to tell the camera just how good the service was. Ask them to tell you how great the food was! People team up with people. New custom trusts the opinions of existing customers. Don’t be afraid to use your loyal customers to help you broaden your audience. The best way without a doubt to promote your company is to get customer testimonials out there so other people can see what quality service you’re offering!


  • Educate or train employees or students

Maybe you sending staff on training courses is impractical? Or perhaps you have an exciting lecturer scheduled? Don’t be afraid to film it, and bring your training into the digital ageA video can make such a great impression on an employee, and the information is far more likely to stick this way. Why not create a library of educational videos for your employees to use whenever they need them!


  • Keep remote employees connected

Perhaps your company is spread across the country, or even the globe. How best to communicate with them, and keep them in the know about what is happening in your offices? Video calling is often a solution to this problem, but what happens when your working hours differ from those in the New York office? How do you communicate? Email? Social media? This is fine for basic communication, but if you want to give a real impression of how it’s going in your office, why not encourage your staff to keep a video diary at work, or film meetings and lectures, which can then be shared online for your other employees to view at a suitable time.


We hope that these tips encourage you and your company to explore the world of video, and embrace the advantages of this excellent method of communication.

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