Video for Internal Use

When investing in video, many companies envisage it as part of their marketing strategy: If they’ve put a lot of money into something they usually want to share it with as many people as possible to make their business look reputable.

An opportunity often overlooked is the usage of video internally within a company; whether to communicate with staff or offer training to new recruits, video can be an extremely versatile tool to use in your business and engage the viewers more than a presentation or textbooks, here are a few examples of ways to use it:


  • Welcome Aboard

What better way to get employees initiated into the company than by providing them with an introduction video, or a series of videos, welcoming and inviting them to be part of your way of operating. This can work as a companion or alternative to the traditional handbook and imprint it with your own style and feel.


  • Training Videos

This one is straightforward and commonplace; using video to deliver training to new staff and refreshes existing employees. Videos mean that the same presentation can be given word for word each time, which is good for consistency. It also gives you the opportunity to be creative with a multitude of approaches, like animation and scenario reconstructions, rather than just having someone talking to the screen.


  • Memo

A lot of companies use emails as internal communication. One of the staples of this is the internal memo; to stop employees from scrolling right past it or skim reading, video can act as a more engaging alternative. Working like YouTube videos or vlogs, employees are more likely to click, watch and remember this type of communication.


  • Special Days

One of your longest serving staff members moving on or retiring? Why not give them a goodbye present they will always remember? Farewell videos are great companions to the traditional “sorry you’re leaving” cards, a chance to look back at some of their best bits and personal farewell messages from colleagues. These can also be used for other company occasions, like staff getting promotions or to mark the company moving to a new facility.