Video Production Halifax

Video Production Halifax: Creative Videos for Events, Products and Brands

Visualised it helps Halifax businesses, initiatives, and events truly shine with creatively designed and professionally produced videos. Our video production Halifax services include creating:

  • Brand videos
  • TV adverts
  • Event videos
  • Educational and training videos
  • Promotional films
  • Product guides
  • Corporate case studies

With us, cutting-edge technology and the latest filming and editing techniques are of course standard. What really sets Visualised it apart is our highly creative approach to video production. Whether you want to raise awareness through a visual campaign or need a fully animated video, the Visualised it team are here to deliver imaginative ideas to ensure your video stands out from the crowd.

The Visualised it Video Production Process

Before we get to work shooting on location or in the studio, our video production Halifax team sits down and creates an in-depth video strategy for the project at hand. The team discusses different ideas and drawing up a storyboard. Creativity is essential to everything we do. We bring products, services, and events to life through stunning visuals and a clear, engaging narrative. Whether you are looking to move an audience or make viewers laugh, video is the perfect medium for creating an emotional response to effectively market your brand and communicate your ideas.

Once you have approved the video at the design stage, our filming team gets to work. A director leads video production, ensuring your creative vision is translated into the material we shoot. We will then expertly edit your video to the highest industry standards, also including animation services if you require unique animated graphics or characters. We can also advise you on how best to market your video online or on TV, including social media campaigns.

Case Studies: Our Video Production Work

Below the Belt Grooming: it can be tricky to advertise intimate grooming without causing embarrassment, but by using humour our advert for Below The Belt Grooming proved to be a belting success! Channel 4 showed this advert and it also got a Royal TV Award nomination.

BuzzBee and Freddie Fly: To get a better idea of the animation work we can do, check out this fully animated promotional video for the Active Response anti-bullying campaign, featuring the original characters BuzzBee and Freddie Fly, who advise children across the country how to tackle bullying and support their peers.

Crampton & Moore: Electrical goods retailer Crampton & Moore is a household name across Yorkshire and we have worked with them to produce several bespoke TV adverts, including seasonal campaigns and sale promotions. By building a relationship with the business and their brand, we have become their trusted partner for visual promotions.

Electric Bowl Simulators: This production shows off the exciting new sports and games simulators for Halifax Snooker Club and the Electric Bowl, as well as the venue itself and the many fun activities on offer. The TV advert was broadcast on Made in Leeds.

To find out more about our video production Halifax services and how we can help you, contact us today. Alternatively, check out our case studies page to see more of our work.

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