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Video Production Huddersfield: Adverts, Events, Animation

Visualised it is a creative video production company offering complete video production Huddersfield services. Our team works with businesses, community initiatives, and corporate clients across the area. We create compelling videos for commercials and promotions, events, education and e-learning, corporate branding, television advertising, and more.

Whether you are looking to promote your company, improve local awareness of an important issue, or advertise an event in Huddersfield, we can bring your ideas to life with cinematic HD visuals, imaginative animation, and captivating motion graphics. As we are based in Yorkshire, Visualised it is the perfect agency for video production Huddersfield clients requiring video and animation. We make sure to work to your budget and requirements, producing excellent results for small businesses and large companies alike.

Our friendly and highly dedicated team always work with you; we go the extra creative mile to make sure your video is engaging and original. In the past, we have worked with clients as wide-ranging as schools (including Huddersfield’s own Kirklees College), government schemes, new businesses, art galleries, musicians, and restaurants – there’s no limit to the stories we can tell through visual media! To find out more about the variety of clients we have worked with, you can check out our portfolio. Another great example of our work in Huddersfield is the advert we created for Carpets Direct.

Our Video Production Services

From storyboarding and producing to filming and post-production, the Visualised it team are here to deliver your ideal video from start to finish. The main stages of our team’s work include:

  • Producing: Our producers will develop a project based on your requirements. They will guide you throughout the video production process and also work to your budget.
  • Directing: Visualised it directors oversee the creative progress of your video’s production, providing technical expertise and leading the production crew.
  • Editing: our editors bring together and perfect the footage and add finishing touches such as audio and graphics.
  • Animating: Our animation experts form a crucial part of our video production team. Visualised it animators create motion graphics, 2D and 3D animations as and when you need them.
  • Outreach: Once ready to release a video, we consult with clients on the best placement and online sharing methods. We ensure videos have the best social media impact possible, consequently reaching key audiences for a return on investment.

We are also passionate about supporting young people with an interest in video media and production; our digital media training courses help young people from a range of backgrounds gain BTEC qualifications in Creative Digital Media Production. The House of Commons has commended us for offering educational options to young people who otherwise struggle with traditional education.

If you’re interested in producing a video in Huddersfield or are based in Huddersfield and are looking for a video production company near you who can offer a fully personalised and friendly service, you can contact us to find out more about our work and capabilities and discuss your project plans.

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