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Video Production Leeds: Adverts, Events, Corporate Branding

Visualised it has a wealth of experience as video production Leeds experts. As a Yorkshire based company, we are passionate about advertising Leeds businesses, events, charities, and communities through visual media. Whether you’re looking to advertise your business on TV or raise awareness of a local issue with a great social media video campaign, we are here to provide you with the right video for the task.

The Visualised it Video Production Process

Our highly creative team have the technical expertise and imaginative flair to deliver a variety of videos aiming to inform, entertain, raise awareness, or advertise. Though each of our projects is unique, these are the main stages of our video production process:

  • At the initial stage of the project, a producer will meet with you to discuss your requirements and budget. We then draw up a plan based on your ideas.
  • The team then storyboards the video, a collaborative process that creatively develops and structures the project.
  • A director leads the team to realise your vision so the resulting video has a clear narrative.
  • Our editors put together a draft cut of the footage with extra elements such as music. This is so you can get an idea of the final product and provide feedback.
  • If animation is required, our animation team gets to work putting together eye-catching visuals and motion graphics.
  • Once the final cut has been approved by you, we can help you get your video in the right places. That could be on a TV network or a social media campaign.

Case Studies: Video Production Leeds

Brooklands Motor Centres: This TV advert for a Leeds-based car dealership was broadcast on Made in Leeds for a local audience. By featuring a humorous relationship between the two salespeople, we aimed to put across the friendly atmosphere of the business. This creates a warm and welcoming feel to the final video.

Kirkgate Market: Visualised it showcased the many aspects of Kirkgate Market with this promotional video for the Made in Leeds local television station. We aimed to capture the spirit of the market in this short and sweet advert, featuring food, shopping, music, and community.

SLP College: We focused on movement and variety in producing this advert for a theatre and dance college, showcasing both the facilities and values of this highly-rated creative institution. By showing traditional dancing before moving onto contemporary dances, we quickly wove a visual narrative about students’ achievements.

Leeds Credit Union: We can also create partially or entirely animated videos for your project, as we did with Leeds Credit Union. We animated eye-catching and colourful visuals in a short advert with a clear message for maximum audience impact. You can see more of our animation work on our Animation page.

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We have also produced videos for Leeds clients as diverse as electrical goods suppliers, sports shops, and landscape architects. To see more of our work you can check out our Case Studies Portfolio or read our interactive brochure. Ready to develop your video idea? Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss ideas and provide you with a quote.

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