About Us

Video Production Crew, TV Producers, Animators, Social Media Managers, we are your media specialists.

The Visualised it creative team is made up of experienced professionals specialising in their own unique craft. Some of our team have worked in this industry for over 30 years and have loved every minute.

First of all you will work with our Producers. They will sit with you, discuss your requirements and carry you through the whole process. This ensures projects are completed on time and to budget. As a result you are not pressured to spend more than you have budgeted.

Our Directors bring the creative vision and artistic control to the production. They make sure that it looks and sounds amazing. They direct our Production Crew who operate the camera, sound and lighting equipment to capture your footage with imagination and flair. Resulting in beautiful cinematic videos.

Finally, our Editors and Animators pull the footage together. They work with royalty free audio and give it the final touch before you see a first cut. We use up to date licensed software to create motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation.

Furthermore whilst producing video content we also support young people in training to work in the exciting world of media. Our qualified and experienced tutors deliver BTEC level 1 & 2 Qualifications. We do this because we care about our community and it’s future.

Our team bring years of experience to your productions, and work in close partnership with our clients to produce results that surpass their expectations. We pride ourselves on technical knowledge, a passion for creativity and clear, effective communication making video production simple and effective.