Video Trends of 2014

Trends come and go in the video production industry, but if you want your video to be fresh, current, up-to-date and down with the kids, then it might be worth your while to keep an eye out and take advantage of them whilst you can.

However, we don’t just make videos here at Visualisedit, we watch a lot too and our keen eyes for detail have picked up on a few trends that are hugely popular at the moment.

From music videos styles to the cameras they use, here’s just a few of our recent findings:

Central Title Over Bleached Footage: This title style is becoming increasingly popular with online viral videos and music videos that are aimed at a teenage audience. The general structure of this style is to have wording in the centre of the screen (often a hashtag) and then to make the images behind it look soft and overly exposed. Why? Because it’s easy to do and easy on the eye.

DSLRs: The DSLR revolution began around 2008 and is still today as strong as ever. These cameras, although they do look relatively unimpressive, offer a great looking image and even out-do most broadcast cameras on price and ability.

Info-Graphs: This is one of the most popular styles of video content to enter the industry due to its ability to be eye-catching and largely informative at the same time (plus using the term “info-graph” makes your work sound a lot more technical than it actually is, making you seem more intelligent. Fact!).

Short Form: This form of video making is arguably the most popular of the lot. Short form videos are exactly that, short. The internet has given video-makers a huge new platform to share videos on, but with lots of competition offering similar content, your video has to not only be good, but be quick at the same time thus keeping your audience’s attention.