Visualised it FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Since we get a lot of questions at Visualised it, we thought we’d put together this Frequently Asked Questions post, to help you find the answers to your queries quickly!

So, without further ado, let’s get started:


Do We Have to Have a Video for Our Company?

We’d recommend it. Video can be a fantastic marketing tool. It can help you reach a wider audience and boost your profile online. Only invest if you can afford it, and do it well though.


How Much Is a Corporate Video?

They vary in cost depending on what you need. Whether you need multiple interviews, location filming, additional sound recording, special effects and animation will impact how much the video costs, as well as how many days are spent on it.


How Much Is a 3 Minute Video?

Again, this depends on what you need. 3 minutes of interviews aren’t going to cost as much as 3 minutes of Lord of the Rings. Our costs are based on how much filming or editing is required, rather than how long the final video will be.


Do You Do Animation?

Yes, we can provide both 2D and 3D animation.


Can We Have the Footage for Our Video?

We don’t release unedited files before completion, although we understand that businesses and individuals may want these elements either for records or to make new content later. The release of files after a video’s completion can be discussed as part of your initial quote.


How Long Does a Video Take?

It depends on what is in the video. If all you need is a montage or some interviews, it won’t take as long as a video which requires a lot of graphics and animation work. Let us know your requirements, and we can provide an estimated completion time.


Could We Have a Video Done Within a Month?

Possibly. It depends on how much filming and editing your video needs, and whether it needs animation, which will take longer. If you’re quick to contact us with any changes and know what you’re looking for, that also speeds up the process.


Do We Own the Video Once It’s Complete?

Yes, once you’ve paid in full. We may still use the video for self-promotional purposes unless otherwise specified.


Do You Use Copyright Free Music?

Yes, we use royalty free music, and a track is typically included in the price of a video (though this varies depending on your requirements). If you have your own music you’d like us to use, or if you’re willing to license a song, this can also be discussed.


Do You Do Discounts?

No. We have a range of package options to suit your budget. Cost cutting would mean a decrease in the quality of your final video, which isn’t good for anyone.


Still have questions? Contact us, or Request a Quote!