We’ve Done Some Spring Cleaning


Yes, we’ve vacuumed our web image, dusted our social media sites, and generally spruced up our online presence.

This can be (very tempted to write “definitely is” here) laborious, but everyone should do it as it makes your online sites run efficiently and keeps your visitors updated with your most recent developments.

Here, amongst many things, we’ve updated the Case Studies page on our website. By uploading a few different videos from last year, along with some of our most recent, we’ve given the page a more efficient and fresh new look for our visitors. View our Video Production case studies.

Secondly, our YouTube page has been organised into pristine condition. This is a must for any video production company as it not only allows you to keep a detailed online archive of your content, but it also looks good to visitors wishing to see your portfolio. Amongst lots of things we’ve made sure all our videos have the best SEO possible and have categorized all our videos into select groups, therefore making it easier for any visitor to find what they desire. Here’s a link to our new YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSoJ9nNOpAdTkY3uKkaExhQ/featured

Finally, and perhaps more importantly, our brand new Visualised It Weddings site has gone live! Amongst our creative and corporate videos & animations etc. we also film weddings, and have decided to give that part of the business its very own web section. There you will find information on prices and how we film the event, as well as a collection of the fanciest wedding videos that we’ve produced. Here’s a link to the brand new site: http://weddings.visualisedit.com