Why Your Business Should Use IGTV

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, chances are you’ve heard of Instagram’s new video hosting service: Instagram Television (or IGTV).

Launched in June, this new addition is providing companies and would-be influencers another platform on which to share videos.

But I hear you ask: YouTube’s still around, and I can put company videos on Facebook. Don’t we have enough places to see video?

True, more sites are gravitating towards visual content, including images and video.

IGTV however, has some features which set it apart from its peers. Which brings us to today’s topic: Why should YOUR BUSINESS use IGTV?


Longer Form

While Instagram videos can garner hundreds, sometimes thousands of views, they are limited to 60 seconds in length, which isn’t always long enough, especially for businesses. IGTV turns the seconds into minutes, so videos can be up to an hour long! While we wouldn’t suggest making every video 60 minutes long, it does offer some more flexibility.


This Way Up!

As much as video producers dislike vertical videos, there is a large market for the format, and IGTV is built for it, only accepting videos which are portrait orientated. This means you have the opportunity to create new content for the platform, although content for other sites can be repurposed into this new format.


More Creative Options

Before IGTV came along, post-production options for Instagram were largely limited to what you could do on your phone. Now, you can create and upload videos from devices other than your phone. What this also means, is you can edit your videos in non-linear editing software, like iMovie and Premiere Pro. Maybe even After Effects if you’re feeling brave!


Trendy with Young People

While everyone and their Gran might be on Facebook, it has slightly fallen out of favour with the youth market, who spend a lot of time on their phones and prefer the mobile-based platforms of Instagram and Snapchat. So if young people are your target demographic, you need to at least have a presence on IGTV.


New Audience

With Instagram gravitating more towards video, more and more users are set to start viewing it on the platform. Meaning your business’ videos will be seen by a wider audience who may be unfamiliar with your company. If you’re making the right content, this can translate into more followers, and the process will snowball, hopefully leading to more online sales. Instagram also tailors recommended content based on who people already follow, making it easier for people to find you.


So, now we’ve given you a few reasons why you should seriously consider joining IGTV, are you going to set up an account?