PC vs Mac – Which is Best for Editing?

It’s the big question that has been asked time and time again. A question that computer enthusiasts and the tech-obsessed have fought over since the dawn of modern technology.

Whilst experts wrestle it out by throwing numerous technical specifications and statistics at each other, it’s important to take into consideration the genuine user experience. So let’s get back to basics and here’s the low down:

Both system’s capabilities can vary depending on the price, but in general, even the standard models of both are more than capable of high-quality video editing. However, Macs are commonly known as being the more expensive model of the two.

But the cheapness of a Windows computer does come with a downside, which is that they tend to have more issues with viruses and have higher maintenance needs over Macs.

Another factor to consider when choosing either one to work with is what content it offers. Apps are the best friends of any budding editor offering a variety of cheap, and often free, editing software. And contrary to popular belief, it’s the Windows app market that actually has the most to offer.

But Macs do have a selection of exclusive video editing related software including Smoke and Final Cut Pro that are very useful and great to use.

Both do come with their own video editing software, and although they only offer the basics they can be useful for any beginners, hobbyists and simple edits. But out of the two, iMovie (Mac) and Movie Maker (Windows PC), it is iMovie that rules the roost due to its greater variety of effects, transitions and general editing capabilities.

We are brought up using Windows PCs in school and so it is sometimes more comforting and easier to use when video editing. However, Macs are more stable and therefore reassuring for regular editors.

So even though windows are cheaper and more familiar to use, Macs are becoming the industry standard due to what it can offer the user.

But, each to their own! Both are great to edit on, and everyone has their own preferences, feel free to share yours with us. So please, try and test them both to find out which one is right for you and happy editing!