Winning at Work Experience!

Work experience is a must, if you’re looking for a job in film and media production, it shows you’re dedicated and willing to put in the hours to get the job you want, and almost all production companies look for work experience on candidate’s C.Vs.

So let’s say you’ve been lucky enough to get a work experience position at a production company, here is some advice from our experience to help you leave the best impression, which could lead to a job!

  • Mind your manners!

This should go without saying, but be polite to your colleagues and superiors, make sure you dress appropriately, shake hands when offered and leave a good first impression, this could determine how long your placement lasts and unfortunately is often forgotten.

  • More tea vicar? 

Another seemingly minor thing that often goes forgotten; everyone in the office: The Director, Producer, Admin Assistant, Editor and Animators, all need a brew to keep them going, everyone in the office no matter how high ranking they are, makes the tea at some point, and if you ask if anyone wants one it can go a long way towards getting you a good reputation.

  • Can do!

Even though you might have only been bought in to do the social media. If a shoot needs a Camera Assistant or the Editor needs some footage logging you should step up to the plate and volunteer, it shows your versatility and willingness to work, and it makes life a lot easier for everyone else.

  • Don’t be afraid. 

Even though it can be daunting at first, most companies in the creative sector aren’t very scary, so don’t be afraid to ask for assistance if you need it, they’ll more than likely be happy to help. Also, have a laugh and engage in some office conversation, again it will leave a positive impact on the staff and make you more memorable.

At Visualised it we’ve had people on work experience who are now employed at the company!