Work Experience Dos and Don’ts


So you’ve managed to bag yourself a work experience placement at a company you want to work for, and an industry you aspire to work in. It doesn’t matter what work you want to go into or the type of industry it resides in, the dos and don’ts of what to do whilst on your placement are pretty much universal.

Don’t be passive. Of course don’t go in all guns blazing attempting to revolutionise the inner workings of the company’s infrastructure with a maverick confidence and a can do attitude. Can do alone, will be enough to get you noticed.

Be confident in the workplace, making suitable suggestions wherever possible. Any intern can follow instructions, but by producing ideas you will outshine as an individual.

Take any opportunity you can whilst on your placement as it’s good to be pro-active and appear multi-functional. The more eager you are to take on a job will reflect the eagerness you have to work in the industry, not to mention: everyone likes to have someone useful around.

Work experience placements are good to put on your CV and to get a foot in the door, but don’t come away having not learnt anything. Record what you learn by simply making notes or even by implementing what you’ve learnt into the things you do outside the placement.

At the end of your placement it’s best to ask for feedback. You can easily rate your own performance, but it’s from the company’s point of view that really matters. The feedback you receive will tell you exactly what you need to do, if anything at all, to improve and to eventually get that crucial first step on the ladder.