YouTube Alternatives


We’ve searched far and wide (on Google that is) to source the most popular, but suitable for business, YouTube alternatives.

Now, although YouTube is the giant of video hosting, it is always good to use as many platforms as possible. The more you spread your video, the more likely it is to be seen.

Some sites still have a huge amount of visitors and users whilst others allow you to share your videos using more advanced methods.

Here are a few of the most popular YouTube alternatives:

Vimeo: This is a video hosting site that has been around for roughly as long as YouTube itself. However, the site is aimed more towards artistic and stylish looking content instead of videos of cats on two legs. Vimeo has the potential to be useful for business users; however, it does depend on the type of content you’re streaming. Be wary of upload limits, make sure your videos look sleek and this one could be a winner.

Wistia: Wistia is all about business. The video hosting service is less about networks and more about the video itself. The service (which is only free for the basics) gives you somewhere to store your videos online whilst also allowing you to have a branded player, advanced analytics and lots of integrated marketing tools.

DailyMotion: Having 120 million unique visitors a month this is the only site that comes close to YouTube. The site is even slightly similar as it leans towards networking and viral videos. But what’s most important is that the amount of visitors the site receives which makes this a good platform for sharing your videos further.

Sprout Video: This video hosting service is great for businesses as it allows your videos to be more integrated into your marketing strategies. With analytics, SEO, customizability and even marketing itself all rolled into one site, your videos are almost guaranteed to be seen.